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Iowa State Daily

August 2020

Interviewed by Madison Mason for: "Importance of trigger warnings in classrooms"

Iowa State Daily

December 2019

Interviewed by Hannah Scott for: "Gender-neutral fashion trends generate discussion"

Iowa State University: Women's and Genders Studies Program

October 2019

Interviewed by Trinity Jones for: "Dr. Rita Mookerjee Performs at the Monday Monologues"

Iowa State Daily

September 2019

Interviewed by Arabella Hau for "Women's and Gender Studies Program welcomes new professor"

Iowa State University: Women's and Genders Studies Program

September 2019

For: "Welcome to Dr. Rita Mookerjee!'

Florida State University: Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards

"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

Florida State University News

July 2019

Interviewed by CD Davidson-Hiers for: 
"'Becoming the Bronze Idol': FSU grad punches at stereotypes in first poetry collection"

Tallahasee Democrat

June 2019

Interviewed by Amy Farnum-Patronis for: "Florida State scores 10 U.S. Fulbright student awards"

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